Citadels rules

card | 2-8 players | 20-60min


  • Shuffle 8 character cards together.
  • Shuffle the district deck.
  • Each player gets 4 district cards and 2 gold.
  • Oldest player starts with the crown.

Order of round

Remove Characters

Draw one character face down and, a number face up.

PlayersNumber of face-up cards

Choose Characters

The king chooses first and then the remaing cards are passed around the circle. Remaining cards are put face down on the table.

Play Turns

  • Take an action (take 2 gold or draw 2 cards and keep 1)
  • Build a distric card
  • Use character power once


  • If you draw the king face up when removing characters imediately replace it with another.


When a player build 8 districts the game is over at the end of this round. Ties are settled by ammount of gold. You can build more than 8 districts if you have the means to do so.

  • 1 point per gold cost of districts
  • 3 points for having 1 of each of the five district colors
  • 4 points for being the first to 8 districts
  • 2 points for other players who made it to 8 districts
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