Sushi Go rules

card | 2-8 players | 30min


  1. Choose a menu and place tiles on the board.
  2. Shuffle desert cards into one pile and meal cards in another
  3. Before each round shuffle the required desert cards into the main deck.
2-5 Players6-8 Players
Round 157
Round 235
Round 323
  1. Deal each player their hand


  1. Each player chooses one card from their hand and places it face down infront
  2. Everyone at the same time turns their cards over.
  3. Pass remaining cards to the player on your left.
  4. Repeat until everyone has no more cards.

Ending a Round

  1. Move desert cards aside (counted at the end of round 3)
  2. Count up scores for each player and move their counter on the board.
  3. Add in new desert cards and re-shuffle deck.


* All Meals have Nigiri

My First MealMakiTempura, Sashimi, MisoWasabi, TeaGreen Tea Ice Cream
Sushi Go!MakiTempura, Sashimi, DumplingChopsticks, WasabiPudding
Party SamplerTemakiTempura, Tofu, DumplingChopsticks, MenuGreen Tea Ice Cream
Master MenuTemakiOnigiri, Tofu, SashimiSpoon, Takeout BoxFruit
Points PlatterUramakiOnigiri, Dumpling, EdamameSpecial Order, TeaGreen Tea Ice Cream
Cutthroat ComboTemakiEel, Tofu, MisoSpoon, Soy SaucePudding
Big BanquetMakiEel, Tempura, DumplingSpoon, ChopsticksGreen Tea Ice Cream
Dinner For TwoUramakiOnigiri, Tofu, MisoMenu, Special OrderFruit


  • Menu and Special Order may not be used with 7-8 Players
  • Spoon and Edamame may not be used with 2 Players
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